Sunday Link Love

Sunday Link Love

Check out some of my favorite blog posts and articles that I discovered this week!

  • 3 Reasons Not To Eat Honey from Gentle World – I know that I have readers who don’t understand why vegans choose to not eat honey or use beeswax.┬áThis is a really eye opening and interesting read.
  • How To Get Ombre Nails from Fabulous On A Budget – This video tutorial with the adorable gals from F.O.A.B. shows how easy it really is to get this nail trend!
  • Three “Health” Food Hoaxes from Healthy Bitch Daily – Just like the Skinny Bitch books, this blog has a very real attitude about your diet, health and lifestyle. This post talks about the media hype around certain “health” trends and how they aren’t so healthy after all.
  • Sweet DIY Votives from Fellow Fellow – These are so easy to make and a beyond adorable way to add some character to your apartment. Especially on a budget!
  • How To Convince Anyone To Go Vegan from Chic Vegan – While I do think veganism is a personal choice that everyone should make for themselves, this post gives you an idea of all the plant-based sources for essential vitamins and minerals. No matter what your diet is, it’s important to be sure that you’re getting everything that you need!

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