Lulu Blossom Dreamsicle Body Balm Review

Lulu Blossom Dreamsicle Body Balm Review

Taking good care of my skin is a big priority and part of this means keeping it well moisturized at all times. I love lotions and body balms that I can toss in my purse and take with me. When Lulu Blossom sent me their Dreamsicle Body Balm to review, I really excited to try it. I love a good body balm!

Claims:Dreamsicle Body Balm is a deep moisturizing balm that can be used just about anywhere on the body. It’s rich and creamy with nourishing Shea butter making it great for cuticles, cracked hands, feet, and elbows. It can also be used as a hair pomade or just for those frizzy fly aways.

Ingredients:  Euphorbia Careifera (Candellila) Wax, Butyrosperosperum Parki (Shea Butter), Vitis Vinifera (Grape) Seed Oil, Fragrance

Pros: Cruelty free and vegan formula. Travel size, re-sealable packaging. Goes on smoothly. Moisturizes well. Smells delicious!

Cons: This body balm is a firmer formula than most, which may not be ideal for all users.

The Verdict: I liked this body balm. It smells so good!! The scent is spot on for a creamsicle and it really brings me back to childhood (and makes me a bit hungry). The formula is a bit more firm than I generally like. This makes it a bit harder to get out of the packaging. That being said, I think the formula helps it to do a better job of moisturizing. The Dreamsicle Body Balm kept my skin moisturized and smooth for hours after application. I would recommend the Dreamsicle Body Balm to anyone who is already a fan of body balms or anyone looking for a great, multi-purpose balm to carry with them in their purse.

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Logical Harmony featured by We Heart It

Logical Harmony featured by We Heart It

Recently one of my favorite social platforms, We Heart It, asked if they could feature me on their blog. I have been using We Heart It for longer than I can remember – at least five years! Because of this, I was very excited to have this opportunity. I was asked about what inspires me, my favorite beauty products, and my favorite quote. If you’re not already following me on We Heart It, you can find my boards here.

You can read the full interview on the We Heart It blog – We Heart It Community Spotlight: Tashina Combs.

Raw Banana Ice Cream Recipe

Raw Banana Ice Cream Recipe

I admit that I haven’t had real vegan ice cream in quite a while. I’m addicted to making my own raw fruit “ice cream” in my Vitamix! Usually I love to use frozen mango as the base, but recently I wanted to give frozen bananas a try.

What you will need to make Raw Banana Ice Cream:

  • 2 frozen bananas
  • 1/4 cup plain, unsweetened almond or soy milk
  • 1 teaspoon PB2 powdered peanut butter
  • Toppings: frozen raspberries, mini chocolate chips, sprinkles, goji berries, 

How to make Raw Banana Ice Cream:

  • Combine the frozen banana, PB2, and the almond or soy milk in a blender. I use my Vitamix and strongly suggest using a high speed blender if you can. If you are using a regular blender, you may need to add more liquid.
  • Turn the blender on to it’s lowest speed setting.
  • Blend until creamy, about 2-3 minutes. You may occasionally need to turn the blender off and stir so that it doesn’t get stuck around the blades.
  • Top with toppings if desired and enjoy!

This is one of the easiest and most delicious deserts I’ve made! If you try this recipe, please let me know. I love getting comments on the recipe posts and please tag me on Instagram or Twitter if you share a picture.

Vegan Cuts May Beauty Box Review

 Vegan Cuts May Beauty Box Review

The May Beauty Box from Vegan Cuts contained a little bit of everything! I love when the boxes have a variety of items. This one covered makeup, perfume, hair styling, and skin care. The Vegan Cuts Beauty Box is a monthly subscription service that delivers 4-7 cruelty free and vegan items directly to your door. It can also be shipped worldwide! It’s a great way to try new brands and new products without the commitment of buying the full-size version.

Included in the May Beauty Box that I received was:

  • Gourmet Body Treats Raw Finishing Powder – This finishing powder is not just cruelty free and vegan, but it is also raw! Included in the box was a full-size version of this product. I have never used a raw makeup product before, so I am excited to give this one a try. You can buy this item directly through Vegan Cuts.
  • Sevi Blue Yarrow Sea Salt Texturizer – This product is cruelty free, vegan, GMO-free, and gluten-free. The Beauty Box included a 2.15 ounce spray bottle container. Somehow I think that I am the only person who has never used a sea salt spray. It also has a very subtle herbal scent. I am also excited to give this a try!
  • SkinAgain Youth Age-Defying Treatment Lotion – This full size lotion claims to diminish wrinkles, dark spots, loss of elasticity, and hyper-pigmentation. It’s also paraben-free and fragrance-free. It also claims to help preserve collagen. Personally, I think that it is never too early to start being preventative with your skincare. You can buy this item directly through Vegan Cuts.
  • Lauren Brooke Cosmetiques Lash Strengthening Mascara – This sample size mascara is adorable! This mascara also contains horsetail and nettle, which are said to help reduce hair loss and increase hair growth. It also contains aloe. So far, I have not had the best luck with natural mascaras. I am interested to see how this one goes.
  • Tallulah Jane Aiyana Natural Eud fe Parfum – This is the second sample of this perfume that I have received in a Vegan Cuts beauty box. Thankfully, I love how it smells! It’s a mix of moroccan rose, vanilla, and lemon. Totally yummy and perfect for summer.
  • Goddess Garden Organics Sunny Body Natural Sunscreen SPF 30 – A good vegan sunscreen can be hard to find, and a good natural sunscreen can be even harder to find. This single use sample will be great to keep in my purse or to travel with this summer.

One of things that I have mentioned several times before is that I love when the beauty box introduces me to new brands. All but one of these brands were new to me and all but one item in the May Beauty Box are items that I have yet to try. I am really excited to try out these new items and post some reviews here on Logical Harmony! This is one of the great things about these box services – you get to try lots of new brands and new items.

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NYX Cosmetics May Be Bought by L’Oreal

NYX Cosmetics May Be Bought by L'Oreal

Cruelty free cosmetics brand NYX Cosmetics is reportedly up for sale and L’Oreal is eager to purchase the brand. On June 11th, WWD posted an article with the headline “NYX Cosmetics, L’Oreal Said Nearing Buyout Deal”.

“The indie mass-market color cosmetics brand is close to finalizing a deal with beauty giant L’Oréal, said industry sources. While nothing has been signed, a potential deal could come as early as the end of the month. NYX, which generates wholesale sales north of $100 million, could fetch as high as $500 million, suggested financial observers.

Another frontrunner for the brand is said to include TPG Growth, which earlier this year purchased the value-price mass color brand E.l.f. Cosmetics from company founders and the private equity fund TSG Consumer Partners.” – WWD & Phyrra

I first found out from fellow cruelty free blogger Phyrra in her post NYX Cosmetics May Soon Be a L’Oreal Brand. Since she posted about it, lots of fans have come forward to let NYX know that they do not support their potential new parent company and that the brand will lose them as a consumer if this purchase is made. WWD first released the news, but no other news outlets have posted any updates. One look at the NYX Facebook page shows that many oppose the potential new parent company being L’Oreal.

It is possible that L’Oreal would let NYX maintain their current cruelty free stance. The brand is certified as cruelty free by Logical Harmony and by PETA. They also have a lot of vegan cosmetic items. L’Oreal also owns Urban Decay, who has since been re-certified as cruelty free by both Logical Harmony and Leaping Bunny. It is always a slippery slope when a cruelty free brand is owned by a company who does test on animals because, ultimately, the money is still going to support brands who test on animals. This is an issue that I think everyone needs to be aware of and decide what is best for themselves. Brands like this are still added to the cruelty free brands list here on Logical Harmony, but I will no longer promote those brands through my website or social content.

However, if they are purchased by TPG Growth, as simply an investment firm, the brand would not have a parent company with the negative connotations of L’Oreal. At this point, it sounds as if the deal could go either way. In this situation, TPG Growth would be the best path for NYX Cosmetics if they would like to maintain their customer relationships. TPG Growth also owns E.L.F. (Eyes Lips Face) Cosmetics, which is one of the most readily available cruelty free makeup brands on the market.

What can you do? As always, I suggest that you use your voice as a consumer to let NYX know how you feel about this potential change. Post on their Facebook page and tweet at them to let them know what your thoughts are.