Petit Vour Holiday Vegan Gift Guide

Petit Vour Holiday Gift Guide

It is the season of gift giving and what could be more perfect to give (or receive) than cruelty free and vegan beauty goodies?! Petit Vour is one of my favorite online shops for beauty products, skin care, and hair care. All the items they carry are both cruelty free and vegan. Plus, they carry a lot of natural beauty options as well. This vegan holiday gift guide contains some of my favorites from Petit Vour. I am even giving a few of these as presents myself!

1. Lily Lolo Eye Palette – This gorgeous palette comes in two shades. Laid Bare is a great collection of natural and nude shades. Enchanted has some amazing jewel tones that are perfect for winter. I first tried Lily Lolo this summer and loved what I tried. The loose shadows were included in the September Beauty Box I co-curated with Petit Vour. Petit Vour just got these in stock and, of course, I had to order Laid Bare immediately.These palettes are so pretty and versatile. They are the perfect addition to any makeup collection. Buy now from the Petit Vour online shop.

2. Root Science RS Youth Serum – I love Root Science products. They are so luxurious! Plus, they are made in small batches to ensure that each product is high quality and effective. This serum is super concentrated and the perfect gift for the skin care junkie in your life. This serum also appeared in some of the September Beauty Boxes that I co-curated with Petit Vour. Buy now from the Petit Vour online shop.

3. NCLA Nail Lacquer – Would any gift guide created by me be complete without NCLA? Not at all! NCLA is one seriously amazing nail company. Petit Vour stocks lots of shades of their nail lacquer. These polishes are very high quality, chip-resistant, and 5-free. They are great for the friend who has a new manicure every day, but also for the busy friend who never has time to get her nails done. These polishes really do last for days and days without chipping. Buy now from the Petit Vour online shop.

4. Earthbody Body Oil – I recently tried this body oil in the November Beauty Box and immediately fell in love. Not only is it very moisturizing, but it is absolutely perfect for aromatherapy sessions. This would be a great gift for your friend who loves their daily meditation sessions, or maybe needs to start adding them into their packed schedule. This body oil will give them a little TLC that everyone needs this time of year. Buy now from the Petit Vour online shop.

5. French Girl Organics Lip Tint – This is another product that I discovered in the November Beauty Box. These lip tints are so pretty! Petit Vour carries a large variety of shades. This makes it easy to find the perfect color for everyone. What I love about these lip tints is that they are portable and easy to apply. They are definitely a chic step up from your average lip balm. These are great for your friend who sticks to a minimal beauty routine, but also for gym addicts as it pairs perfectly with that post-workout glow. Buy now from the Petit Vour online shop.

6. Gressa Lip Boost – I first tried this amazing tinted balm last spring and was immediately hooked. Recently I tried and reviewed several other shades. They are all absolutely gorgeous on. The sleek black tubs look so fancy on my vanity, and the Lip Boost itself has all the perks of a gloss but is as hydrating as a lip balm. Petit Vour carries a variety of shades, so there is one for each person on your gift list. Buy now from the Petit Vour online shop.

Still not sure what to get your friends and family for the holidays? A subscription to the Petit Vour beauty box is another great option! Starting at only $15, including shipping, these cute pink boxes filled with cruelty free and vegan beauty items can magically start appearing at their door. You can buy a single month or several at a time.

What are your favorite gift ideas from Petit Vour? Which have you purchased for others (or yourself)?

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Campaigners Condemn Industry’s Legal Bid to Weaken EU Cosmetics Animal Testing Ban

Campaigners Condemn Industry’s Legal Bid to Weaken EU Cosmetics Animal Testing Ban

There is breaking news in the potential changes to the EU ban on animal testing! On November 25, 2014 Logical Harmony posted about about how an Industry Bid Could Overturn the EU Cosmetics Animal Testing Ban. In the most recent update from Humane Society International, that bid has been approved to go on to the European Court. The bid is seeking to allow EU cosmetics companies to use results from new animal testing conducted in non-EU countries to meet non-EU regulations. This has major implications for animal testing and would greatly weaken the current animal testing ban in the EU.

#BeCrueltyFree Campaigners Condemn Industry’s ‘Greedy’ Legal Bid to Weaken EU Cosmetics Animal Testing Ban

Legal action is betrayal of EU consumers, says Humane Society International

LONDON – (12 Dec. 2014) Animal protection campaigners Humane Society International are concerned that the High Court today decided not to dismiss a legal bid by ingredient suppliers to the cosmetics industry to undermine the EU’s historic cosmetics animal testing ban. The legal action, which is now referred to the Euoropean Court of Justice, could now take two years to resolve, and if ultimately successful could risk once again condemning rabbits and other animals to painful eye, skin and force-feeding tests for ingredients used in cosmetics.

Humane Society International’s #BeCrueltyFree campaign team was at the High Court for the judgement. #BeCrueltyFree is the world’s leading initiative for a global end to animal testing for cosmetics. The high-profile campaign – which has the backing of stars such as Sir Paul McCartney and Leona Lewis – was instrumental in securing implementation of the EU ban on sales of animal-tested cosmetics on 11 March 2013, and culminated with a rabbit flash-mob outside the European Commission in Brussels to present nearly half a million petition signatures.

The High Court action was brought by the European Federation for Cosmetic Ingredients, a trade association representing more than 100 specialty chemical producers who supply ingredients to cosmetics manufacturers. EFfCI claimed that when new animal testing is carried out in non-EU countries to meet non-EU regulations, cosmetics companies should be allowed to use those animal test results to develop or sell cosmetics in Europe, even if the animal testing was done after the EU ban came into force. Today, the judge ruled that EFfCI should be able to take its claim to the European Court – whose ultimate decision will have effect across the European Union.

If ultimately successful at the ECJ, EFfCI’s claim could destroy the EU ban because it would effectively allow a company to test its cosmetics ingredients on animals outside the EU for non-EU regulatory purposes, and still use and sell that ingredient in cosmetics within the EU market.

Susie Wilks, HSI’s #BeCrueltyFree Policy Advisor, said from the High Court: “The industry’s legal action could be a potential disaster for animal welfare and is a betrayal of the clearly expressed desire by EU consumers to end cruel and needless animal testing for cosmetics no matter where in the world that animal testing is taking place. EFfCI’s case would undermine both the spirit and the letter of the EU ban, effectively allowing companies to continue testing cosmetics on animals abroad, and importing them back into the EU. We hope the ECJ will see fit to reject this case and find in favour of a strong and comprehensive ban.  

“Whilst the rest of the world looks to the EU’s historic test ban as a pioneering example of animal-friendly regulation that promotes modern science and safeguards consumer safety, industry has taken this greedy and self-serving legal case that could condemn animals to suffering simply so that EFfCI can sell more cosmetics ingredients to its customers. Testing cosmetics on animals is morally wrong and scientifically unnecessary; innovative new beauty products using existing ingredients can be created without new animal testing, and it is clear that the future of safety regulation lies in adoption of more human-relevant non animal tests.. So the industry should be ashamed that it is attempting to turn the clock back on a world-leading law that says an animal’s life is worth more than a new face cream. ”

It is unknown whether EFfCI was acting alone, or whether its member chemical or cosmetics companies benefiting from the anonymity of their trade association membership are behind the legal challenge. EFfCI’s Associate Members include the UK’s BACS Personal Care Group representing around 120 members including Marks & Spencer and The Co-operative Group – both certified as cruelty-free by the international Leaping Bunny standard.

HSI’s Susie Wilks said: “As this legal action has been fronted by a trade association, it’s impossible to know which companies are really behind it. If cruelty-free company associate members were unaware that their trade association is attempting to undermine the EU’s cosmetics animal testing ban, we would expect them to be very alarmed indeed and make their objections known.”

HSI estimates that between 100,000 – 200,000 rabbits, guinea pigs, mice and other animals suffer each year in cosmetics tests globally. These involve rabbits being restrained and having chemicals dripped in their eyes, guinea pigs having raw chemicals applied to their shaved skin, and rodents having chemicals pumped directly into their stomach in huge and even lethal doses. Such animal testing, and the sale of cosmetics so tested, is now outlawed throughout the 28 countries of the EU, EFTA countries, Israel and India. #BeCrueltyFree campaigning has also resulted in legislative proposals for similar bans in Australia, Brazil, New Zealand, Taiwan and the United States.


  • #BeCrueltyFree is the largest campaign in the world to end cosmetics animal testing, supported by stars such as Leona Lewis, Rick Gervais and Melanie C
  • More than 1 million #BeCrueltyFree pledges have been signed so far for a worldwide end to cosmetics cruelty
  • There are more than 600 cosmetics companies certified as cruelty-free under the international Leaping Bunny scheme
  • An estimated 8,000 or more cosmetic ingredients are already available and in widespread global use. Companies can manufacture cosmetics without animal testing by combining existing ingredients with histories of safe use — for which no new testing is required — with state-of-the-art non-animal tests
  • An ever-growing number of non-animal tests are available and accepted by regulatory authorities worldwide, including the human reconstructed skin models EpiDerm™ and EPISKIN™ for skin irritation, the Fluroescein Leakage test for eye irritation, and the 3T3 Neutral Red Uptake test for sunlight-induced phototoxicity.

Petit Vour November 2014 Beauty Box Review

Petit Vour November 2014 Beauty Box Review

The Petit Vour November 2014 Beauty Box was co-curated by fellow vegan beauty addict and blogger Ashlee from The Little Foxes. I have always loved Ashlee’s beauty recommendations in the past, so I knew that I was in for a real treat with this box! I couldn’t wait for my Petit Vour box to arrive!

For those who are not yet familiar with Petit Vour, they offer a monthly beauty box. Everything inside the Petit Vour beauty box is cruelty free, vegan, and natural. I give a quick review of all the items included in the box in this post. Look for more detailed reviews of each individual product soon!

Petit Vour November 2014 Beauty Box Review

The Petit Vour November 2014 Beauty Box that I received contained the following items:

  • Earthbody Body Oil in Dream – This body oil is so lovely! It’s super hydrating and not at all oily. It made my skin feel very soft. It contains jojoba oil and rosehip oil. Both of which are gentle and very effective at moisturizing. The scent is delicious and super relaxing. I pick up notes of lavender, chamomile, and sandalwood. While many body oils smell artificial, the Earthbody Body Oil smells very natural. None of the scents are overpowering, and the combination is perfectly balanced. The Dream scent is perfect for nighttime, or any time you need to quickly relax. I really loved this body oil and will continue to use it. You can purchase the Body Oil in several scents through the Petit Vour onine shop.
  • Caru Skincare Co Rose Facial Serum – I have tried so many facial serums and I can honestly say that this is one of the best out there. The packaging is so sophisticated and chic. It smells amazing! Just like fresh rose petals. It also worked wonders for my skin. This serum contains rose, geranium, carrot seed, evening primrose, pomegranate, and rosehip oils. The combination of oils did amazing things to my skin and I am now hooked on this serum. You can purchase this serum through the Petit Vour online shop.
  • French Girl Organics Lip Tint in Cerise – This tinted lip balm is wonderful! The color I received is Cerise. This is a deep cherry red with a pale copper tint. The lip tint goes on very smoothly and has a refreshing peppermint scent. Petit Vour describes these lip tints as having a gloss look with a balm feel. I think that description is very accurate. I also love that this lip tint comes in a tube. This makes it mess-free and portable. My lip tint now has a permanent home in my purse. You can purchase several shades of the lip tint through the Petit Vour online shop.
  • Au Naturale Creme Shadow in Palma – This shadow shade is absolutely perfect for me. I am a huge fan of bronze shadows, and Palma is a gorgeous shimmery golden beige. I love that this deluxe sample came in a tube. You can apply it to your lids directly from the tube, using your finger, or with a brush. The formula is very blendable. Without a primer there is decent color payoff, but the shade really pops when using an eyeshadow primer. The color was gorgeous, and it lived up to the claims of not creasing and being long lasting. You can purchase several shades of the creme shadow through the Petit Vour online shop.
  • Au Naturale Creme Concealer in Buff – This product doubles as concealer and shadow primer. The formula is really creamy, which I loved. It applied smoothly and didn’t crease or flake during the day. The concealer pigmentation is more sheer than I was expecting. This could be either a positive or a negative. It really lets you pick how much coverage you need. So if you are looking for something buildable, this is a good option. If you need a heavy concealer, this may not be the best one for you. Overall I really liked this concealer. It’s one that I may add to my regular beauty routine. You can purchase several shades of the creme concealer through the Petit Vour online shop.

Overall, I really liked the Petit Vour November 2014 Beauty Box. Petit Vour and Ashlee did a great job with the items! I liked using each item that was included and plan to re-purchase several of them once they have been used up.

You can stay up to date with Petit Vour on TwitterFacebookInstagramTumblr, and Pinterest.

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Photos by Justin M.G. Mendez