Tone It Up Love Your Body Series 2014

Tone It Up Love Your Body Series 2014

If you follow me on Instagram, odds are that you’re familiar with my check-ins for the Tone It Up fitness program. Tone It Up is a free, online, fitness and nutrition program  run by two amazing women – Karena and Katrina. I started Tone It Up last spring and have continued with it on and off. In recent weeks, I’ve re-dedicated myself and made a resolution to giving the program 100% in 2014.

Tone It Up just started a new challenge – Love Your Body! If you’re new to Tone It Up, today is the perfect time to start. You’ll get sent an email newsletter with everything you need. Through the programs, you receive 2-3 emails a week with your workout schedule, new workouts, recipes, and more. You can also opt to buy a vegan nutrition program to go along with the workouts! Tone It Up also has an amazing community with it. Check-in after your workouts on Instagram, Twitter, and/or Facebook and you get SO much support from other women doing the program. It’s incredible! Even Karena and Katrina themselves will sometimes stop in to cheer you on!

In addition to posting my check-ins on Instagram and Twitter, I’ll likely be blogging about the program here. Who wants to join me on this journey?! It’s going to be a blast!

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Cruelty Free & Vegan Beauty Blog 2013 Recap

Cruelty Free & Vegan Beauty Blog 2013 Recap

The past year has been a busy one in the cruelty free and vegan beauty world! 2013 brought about the ban on animal testing in the EU and a potential change to the animal testing stance in China. Both brought even more awareness to the issue of animal testing in cosmetics. As a cruelty free and vegan beauty blog, 2013 was also a busy year for Logical Harmony. I learned a lot, wrote a lot, and received a lot of amazing support from readers.

Product reviews and new recipes aside, 2013 brought me so many opportunities that I am SO thankful for! I was interviewed and featured by several other blogs and publications. I was Victoria Morans first guest of 2013 on Main Street Vegan Radio. I was able to write a featured guest piece for Vegans of Instagram. Attending Vida Vegan Con and the iFabbo conferences were informative and inspiring. I had a piece published in Vegan Lifestyle Magazine November issue (available in the app store on iTunes!). I participated in a ShopStyle ad campaign. I worked with some amazing brands and built a lot of amazing connections with readers of Logical Harmony and other bloggers. And started several behind-the-scenes projects that you will hear more about in 2014.

In this post,  you will find a detailed recap of the past year on Logical Harmony. It is split up by product reviews, news on cruelty free and vegan beauty, recipes, and lifestyle pieces. Each section is listed by the order in which things were posted. The oldest posts are at the top and the newest at the bottom.

Logical Harmony featured on Babble – 23 Amazing Beauty Splurges

Logical Harmony featured on Babble - 23 Amazing Beauty Splurges

Logical Harmony was recently featured in the Babble article 23 Amazing Beauty Splurges! In this article, I talked about my love for a cruelty free and vegan mascara from Too Faced. While a bit on the high end of the price scale, I think this product is worth every penny!

Another cruelty free brand featured in this article is Juice Beauty, who also has vegan options.

Logical Harmony in Vegan Lifestyle Magazine – November Issue

Logical Harmony in Vegan Lifestyle Magazine - November Issue

Logical Harmony was recently featured in the first issue of Vegan Lifestyle Magazine! Available in the iTunes store for both iPhone and iPad, be sure to download this issue. I’m not going to lie – seeing my article in the preview of the iTunes store was amazing! For Vegan Lifestyle Magazine I re-wrote my article How to Find Out if Brands are Cruelty-Free and Vegan. Download the issue to read that piece as well as many other great vegan lifestyle articles.

My 2014 Resolutions

My 2014 Resolutions from Tashina of Logical Harmony

Every year it seems like everyone makes resolutions that they keep for a week or two, but that they don’t turn into habits. The other night my boyfriend commented that most people’s resolutions seem to be “should do” items. People know they should drink more water, workout, etc and pick these as their resolutions, but they don’t actually want to achieve them. Which is why they don’t.

This year I’m choosing just a couple of items to have as my resolutions. They are things that I have already decided to be dedicated to – which is a huge part of what will make them successful resolutions.

  1. Stick to the Tone It Up workouts. I’ve been doing these workouts for about 9 months now and am loving the Tone It Up program! It’s fun, there’s good variety in the workouts, and the community Karena and Katrina have built around their program is amazing! I can always count on getting tons of support from other Tone It Up girls when I post an update on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook. This year, I want to be more strict when it comes to following the program. I’m not sure if my schedule will allow for both morning and evening workouts, but I’m shooting to consistently workout 6 days a week. I’d also love to buy their Vegan Nutrition Plan! I have a few recipes from it and love them! I can go on and on about Tone It Up, but I’ll likely save that for another post.
  2. Keep up on my miracle work. If you follow me on any social network, you know that I’m a huge fan of and very inspired by Gabrielle Bernstein. I find her take on spirituality very refreshing and empowering. One of the biggest things that I have learned from Gabby is that we have all the tools we need to achieve what we want in life – we just need to learn how to use them correctly. I recently restarted May Cause Miracles and want to expand that into reading A Course in Miracles. There’s a lot of great things out there in the future. I want to do what I can now to make sure I get there sooner than later and can truly appreciate what comes into my life (as well as what I create in my life).
  3. Dedicate more time to Logical Harmony. Last year I had a lot of things up my sleeve that didn’t happen for a variety of reasons. 2013 was, in many ways, a year of transition and figuring out what my path should be. It’s not even 2014 yet and I already have much more solid plans for what this year will hold for Logical Harmony. Some things are already well underway. Aside from some upcoming projects, this also means an expansion of the content. Cruelty free and vegan beauty will always be the main focus of Logical Harmony. There’s just so much more to beauty than makeup! Trust me – it’s going to be exciting!

Those are my resolutions for 2014! I wanted to keep the list small because I wanted it to be things I was truly dedicated to doing.

What are your goals and resolutions for 2014?