Logical Harmony has New Contributors!!

Logical Harmony has New Contributors!!

Nearly a month ago, I announced that I was looking for new contributors for Logical Harmony. Since the sites new re-launch of animal friendly content, it’s taken off and generated a lot of really positive buzz. I wanted to bring other people on board to help keep the site moving forward in the current direction. I thought that having one or two people as regular contributors would help keep the content fresh and make it available to a wider audience.

There were lots of really great applications and it was a really tough decision. However, in the end I selected three people to be contributors here at Logical Harmony. Please check out the new contributors here at Logical Harmony!!

Janine of Alternative Housewife Janine of Alternative Housewife – Janine is a a 25-year-old mama and style blogger in Portland, OR. While she is not vegan, having her son is making her consider her families food & lifestyle choices more and more. When it comes to beauty and cleaning products, Janine believes that truly safe and non-toxic is key, and they also have to WORK. Janine loves reviewing products and working with cool earth-conscious companies. She also loves remixing fashion and finding awesome ‘old soul’ pieces secondhand — and believes that great style is possible on any budget. Janine is a work-at-home-mom (web designer & blogger) and is having so much fun raising her toddler! They both love pigs and Sesame Street.

Kaitlyn of The Daily Fancy Kaitlyn of The Daily Fancy – Kaitlyn is a graphic designer, blogger and pomeranian enthusiast. She loves dancing to jazz music, lives for the summer and prefers brunch over any other meal. Calling Philadelphia home, she continually falls in love with her city on a daily basis as she discovers a new favorite lunch spot or a quaint, tree-lined street. She also owns The Daily Fancy, a highly-curated design and fashion blog featuring editorial-esque layouts, cruelty-free obsessions and the occasional personal style post. With an affinity for luxury and an untamed love of shoes and handbags, The Daily Fancy proves that being cruelty-free doesn’t mean you can’t continue to channel Coco Chanel nor that you have to sacrifice quality. Kaitlyn believes that fashion is about being smart; and that beauty always comes from within. She’d love for you to share her world and check up on what new product she’s coveting or what interweb find she’s currently inspired by.

Shannonmarie of Rawdorable Shannonmarie of Rawdorable – Shannonmarie a.k.a. Rawdorable is a 30-something wife, mom and fun-loving, mostly raw vegan foodie. Although not perfect, she tries her best to carry over her healthy eating habits into the other facets of her life. She won’t wear leather or fur, and likewise, opts to keep animal products off her skin altogether (with the exception of the occasional bee product, which she wishes some of her favorite products would reformulate to avoid them, too). She prefers to be as natural as possible (which is why a bee product may win over one with more chemicals), while still being a “girlie girl” type (a girl has got to express herself, even if it means sometimes sporting cruelty-free vegan nail polish, which is never totally natural). Her toddler daughter, who already likes to make and wear her own edible lip gloss, keeps her young, much like her diet, exercise and love of a good quality, natural, vegan moisturizer. The two of them share their finds, food and experiences on their blog, Rawdorable.

I’m really happy with my decisions. These three ladies are all great bloggers who are really passionate about their topics of choice. I’m really excited to have them on board!

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  1. Monday - December 5, 2011 at 2:28 am

    Cool cool! Can’t wait to find out more about the other two contributors.

    • Tuesday - December 6, 2011 at 10:36 am

      I really think that you will all enjoy each others blogs!

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